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One of our greatest strengths is our focus. Objective’s geographic coverage concentrates on select states in the Western US. We use sophisticated research to identify target cities and markets in order to concentrate on the best opportunities.  Together with a bottom-up underwriting process, we are able to leverage our industry relationships, investment experience and local knowledge. Objective tracks 20+ metros in compiling our research but will typically concentrate on fewer than ten for active investments at any one time. 


Active Investment Markets

Research Coverage Markets

Meyer Forest

A 345-unit community located near Rice University and the Medical Center Campus in Houston,TX. Objective is enhancing the property with a significant capital improvement including common areas and unit interiors that in total will be more than $15,000 / unit. The financial performance has responded to these physical upgrades and rents have increased significantly during our ownership period.

The Eleven Hundred

A 565-unit property located in Sacramento, CA. The asset was purchased in 2017 and benefited greatly from upgraded marketing and operations as well as curing deferred maintenance and making value added improvements. The asset is projected to sell in 2022 and will generate a net return to investors of more than 21% annually since acquisition.

Reflections at Highpoint

A community consisting of 371 units located in Dallas, TX. The property was held for 5 years during which significant physical and operational improvements were made to improve financial operations and the property’s value. The investment generated an annualized return over the hold period of 17.6% net to investors over the hold period.


The asset is a 208-unit apartment community located in Colorado Springs, CO. The property was originally purchased in 2016 and strategically re-capitalized in 2021 returning a 20% annualized net return to the original investors. Objective still owns and operates the property and has made significant capital improvements to further enhance the value.

Sandy Beach

Objective Real Estate Partners LLC

515 Molino Street

Los Angeles CA 90013

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